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Flagstaff Ecosystem (click on the underlined links to explore)


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Butterflies and Moths

I once chased butterflies all over the place to try to get a picture. Now, I try to get them to come to me. The trick is to plant nectar producing flowers for the adults and to cultivate plants they will lay eggs on for their offspring. Butterfly bush works quite well for adult butterflies and moths. The adults also relish dandelions, Purple Coneflower and Gaillardia or blanket flower.

Monarch Butterfly
The butterfly bush lives up to its name.

Hummingbird Moth

Usually showing up from dusk until dawn,
these night pollinators hover over the same
flowers favored by hummingbirds in daylight.

Virgin Tiger Moth
The night crew can be beautiful.

Virgin Tiger Moth
Beautiful with wings open or closed.

Virgin Tiger Moth
Under side

White Admiral butterfly
Wings open - resting on flower
White Admiral