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Flagstaff Ecosystem (click on the underlined links to explore)


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Bugs page 1

Ladybird Beetle

Ladybug, Ladybug, Where do you roam?
If you want to eat aphids, then come to my home.  

Ant Lion
ground dwelling larval stage

Not much bigger than a match head, these ferocious looking creatures, construct funnel-shaped pits in soft soil to trap ants that stumble in. Lying unseen in the bottom of the pit, they quickly sieze the ant and rapidly sling it back and forth against the sides of the pit to subdue it before eating it. Later, the larvae will metamorphose and emerge as winged creatures that will fly away, mate and then return to the same soft soil from which they emerged to lay their eggs.

Walking Stick

This camouflage artist eats oak leaves at night and usually walks when the wind helps conceal its movement.