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Flagstaff Ecosystem (click on the underlined links to explore)


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Not Necessarily Flagstaff

Blue Morphos
Photographed in Butterfly Zoo in Victoria, Canada

Same Planet - Different Neighborhood

Green Butterfly
Butterfly zoo in Canada

Common Collared Lizard
A mini dinosaur in the Petrefied Forest

Like a  modern day T-Rex, this little desert dweller hops from rock to rock hunting other smaller lizards for lunch.  He also voraciously eats 1/2" red  ants like we eat grapes, by the handful.

Spruce Grouse (Franklin's)

Destined to be somebody else's dinner, this Spruce Grouse in the wild in Whittier,  Alaska,  let me touch its tail before it  slowly strolled a few feet away.

Lupine in Alaska
Alaska tulips